About Us

Mid-South LED, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of US Lighting Group’s high-efficiency commercial-grade LED lighting products. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, our territory consists of the tri-state region of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. We partner with utility companies, energy auditors, and electricians to offer our clients best-in-class LED products that are easily adapted for use in existing fluorescent lighting fixtures.

We have a passion for assisting clients with reducing their electrical energy dependence. By utilizing our LED products as replacements to fluorescent bulbs, immediate reductions in lighting bills, of up to 72%*, can be seen. The LED bulbs manufactured by US Lighting Group have been designed specifically for commercial buildings such as hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, plants, office space, board rooms, recreational facilities, gymnasiums, and stores. Clients can realize maximum energy savings through the use of the products we offer, featuring a proprietary patent-pending circuitry design that eliminates the need for transformers, external power supplies, or internal converters. Not only does this significantly reduce the number of internal components that can be prone to failure, it also dramatically increases the bulb’s lifespan, the level of energy efficiency, and brightness of the LEDs.

In our quest to partner with a premier LED bulb manufacturer for the commercial space, US Lighting Group stands above the competition on several levels. They have been referred to as the world’s leading manufacturer of LED lights for commercial use. With products designed and manufactured in the USA, they also offer a 21-year warranty on their BH4 Series bulbs. This reassures our clients of the sound investment being made today and the guarantee to be significantly more energy efficient for years to come. Additionally, their products have been tested and qualify for regional and national utility rebates and tax incentives through the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualification process.

Our goal is to gain your trust and earn your business one bulb at a time. Clients that utilize their lighting 24/7 have seen an ROI in as little as 10 months. Our products typically generate more lumens per watt and also exceed the lifespan of competitors’ LED bulbs by more than 3X. The maintenance costs involved in replacing burned out light bulbs and ballasts, both from a material and labor cost perspective, create a compelling reason to switch from current fluorescent lighting to US Lighting Group’s LED light bulbs. We look forward to working with you and building our client base throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

*A 4-bulb fixture with 32W fluorescents and an 85% efficient ballast replaced by 2 BH-4 Series 20W direct-wire LED bulbs.